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Bob Embry’s
real life adventures + exploration is a public service web site
for helping people
our profoundly changing world
— a world moving toward unimagined future(S)


A quick content sample

The memo — navigating unimagined futures


Work life foundations


A century of social transformation


What makes an effective executive?


What executives should remember


Drucker’s time books


Post-Capitalist Society


A further exploration path



We can only work on, with, and toward the things on our mental radar

Unimagined futures examples: News ::: Profound, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



The Big Picture

movies in time movies in time

Real Life Adventures + Exploration

Different thoughts for different times ↑ ↓

AS WE ADVANCE deeper into the knowledge economy … ” — Drucker books

Tremendous challenges for: Government spending, Blockbuster, HP, Yahoo,
Proctor and Gamble, Nokia, Motorola, Xerox,
Blackberry, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak,
and many of the In Search Of Excellence Companies

Plus lots of individuals

Navigating first requires searching and selecting “things”
to work toward — direction

In other words it requires exploration

Exploration includes new Exposure
which includes
fresh insights
from repeated exploration.


“To know something,
to really understand something important,
one must look at it from sixteen different angles.


Druckerismsattention-directing thought jewels from PFD


People are perceptually slow,
and there is no shortcut to understanding;
it takes a great deal of time.” read more

compass and map

Where to jump next?

ice flow

But precisely because there are so many different areas of importance,
the day-by-day method of management
is inadequate
even in the smallest and simplest business.

Because deterioration is what happens normally—that is,
unless somebody counteracts it—there is need for
a systematic and purposeful program.

There is need to reduce the almost limitless possible tasks
to a manageable number.

There is need to concentrate scarce resources
on the greatest opportunities and results.

There is need to do the few right things
and do them with excellence.

Managing for Results by Peter Drucker

read more on organization efforts




“But tomorrow always arrives.

It is always different.

And then even the mightiest company is in trouble
if it has not worked on the future

It will have lost distinction and leadership—all that will remain
is big-company overhead.

It will neither control nor understand what is happening.

Not having dared to take the risk of making the new happen,
it perforce took the much greater risk
of being surprised by what did happen.

And this is a risk that even the largest and richest organization
cannot afford and that even the smallest one need not run.”

read more on making the future




We can only work on, with, and toward the things on our mental radar

road ahead

Imagine the outcomes for somebody in
1950, 1970, 1990, 2005
devoting all their energy to
what existed at the time or
what was on their mental radar at the time

It is a very uneven and unpredictable landscape

When we are embedded in doing something
we are blind to the changing world around us

The human brain has no natural way to bring itself
to focus on the real tomorrowS that will emerge.

Even when it tries,
yesterday wants to prevail

When the time comes to think beyond the immediate
what mental radar content will be available?

When is the when?

The site provides a big picture thinking landscape over time

It is a way to see and work beyond current mental involvements

This is essential for navigating a changing world

The site is a tool for creating a work menu and considering what’s next

How do we keep our brain focused on the road ahead and
what’s next without it naturally slipping back into the normal
daily flow of events that eventually lead to dead ends?

Your future is between your ears


A big, big picture

Navigating time

Organization tour

Career work plan development




Technology is changing very quickly, as are markets and structures.

You can’t design your life around a temporary organization.”

managing oneself and living in more than one world


Successful careers are not planned

They develop when people are prepared
for opportunities
because they know
their strengths,
their method of work, and
their values.

Knowing where one belongs
can transform an ordinary person
—hardworking and competent but otherwise mediocre—
into an outstanding performer.

Managing Oneself and Living in More than One World

Early career work (beta)




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Don't memorize, calendarize! Working something out in time.


line is largely based on Peter Drucker’s work.

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Creating a Google site search on Google’s site:
type the following in their search box

what you’re searching for

For example, you could search for intelligence.


At the present time this is a prototype site.

There are over 500 web-pages — unique web addresses. If each page contained only 10 valuable thoughts, then there could be over 5,000 different brain-addresses in your brain-address book.

Think of everything here as a mental placeholder — a way to see and think beyond the familiar.

Seeing beyond the familiar is necessary to avoid mental stagnation and navigate a changing world — 180-degree change.


The ideas you run across aren’t just
things to read. They are things (horizons) to translate into
effective action — over time.

evidence-wall-true-detective-small-pict-600 Evidence wall

“If you hesitate to map out your future,
to make a big plan or to set a goal,
you’ve just gone ahead and
mapped your future anyway” — Seth Goden


Since the site is still a prototype, some pages may be less than visually appealing — it’s the content that matters.

I add, remove, and redesign content based on my own unfolding comprehension of the time-life navigation © (TLN) landscape.

… and then I move on to a new or different attention directing area.

I’ve been collecting and organizing information — full-time — for over thirty years.

New landscape features periodically emerge and existing features get reshaped — e.g. how we take, share, and manage photos.

This means that you might want to periodically revisit relevant pages — as a way to change what you’re paying attention to.

Many of the books that were available when I first started working on what I now call “time-life navigation” have gone out of print or are hard to find.

You can still use the content of the book outline pages to identify topics of interest and to search Amazon Booksxxx or elsewhere for topics or phrases.

Having alternative mental landscapes is a good thing.

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